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Where Sprinter Van Care Begins: Maintenance, Repairs, & More

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Routine Auto Service: The Secret to Like-New Drives

Are you looking for a Mercedes-Benz Van service center that’s geared to the luxurious and performance-geared nature of your ride? You’re at the right place, as we’re one of San Antonio’s top Sprinter Van service centers, here for virtually all your vehicle’s maintenance, repairs, and more. From synthetic oil replacements to intricate spark plug fixes, we cover nearly any type of automotive service that comes to mind. Help your Sprinter van continue to cruise in peak shape by scheduling your service online today at San Antonio Van Center near New Braunfels, TX.

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The Fix Your Van Needs: Premium Auto Repairs

Try to think of literally any type of repair your vehicle will ever need—the odds are nearly guaranteed our technicians are geared for the job, whether it’s a quick belt change or a transmission replacement. Not only is our team skilled in making the right fix but we also install OEM Mercedes-Benz van parts to help ensure you ride with some of the road’s highest quality products and won’t need to worry about sketchy third-party brands.

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Synthetic Oil Replacement: Precision-Based Fluid Care

One of the top ways to care for your vehicle involves having our technicians perform a synthetic oil replacement every 10,000 miles (or at least once a year). No need for extra research, as our team knows the exact viscosity grade your Sprinter van requires to cruise in peak condition. Plus, this service alone helps your motor avoid crumbling to the ground, as the fluids lubricate the finer parts of your powertrain to help reduce excess friction—so, if there were a service we considered most critical for your drives, a synthetic oil replacement ranks near the top.

Certified Service: Our Professionals Speak Sprinter Van

Why settle for a generic garage with your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van’s needs when we have a team of experts who are certified and factory-trained in the Alamo Heights, TX, region? In fact, only these professionals will ever perform any work on your vehicle to help ensure speed and precision with each repair and service. Plus, our experts know how to use the modern tools for the job and understand the difference between each Sprinter van model to further help ensure your vehicle receives specialized care to return to the road in optimal shape.

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Brake Service: Stop and Enjoy the Ride

Can you hear a loud screeching sound when you try to stop? There’s a good chance your brakes are to blame—especially if you notice any excess sliding. Thankfully, our team is here to assist by knowing how to replace each component of your brake system from the rotors and brake pads to the calipers and drums. Even if you’re not sure what’s wrong, our team can help diagnose the issue and assist your vanning in stopping where you plan.

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Battery Service: Charge Up to Exhilaration

How is your power source doing in your van? Even if you haven’t needed a jump start recently, our team is still happy to look at your battery to help ensure no damage will prevent your van from starting. However, if you’ve needed a jump start, schedule service ASAP, where we’ll help determine if a recharge can get the job done or if you’ll need a new battery to help you seamlessly kick off your next ride with peace of mind.

Service Center

Tire Service: Roll Out to Smooth Cruising

Is it time for a new set of tires? You won’t need to wait to hydroplane or slide into an intersection to find the answer, as you can pull out a penny and insert the copper coin head-first into your tread grooves—do you see the top of Honest Abe’s head? Then you’ll want to a new set of tires to help your van stop where you intend, maximize your fuel economy, and even assist with easier launches when you take off from a traffic light or need to accelerate onto a highway.

Service Center

Wheel Alignment: The Key to Balanced Traveling

Are you feeling your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van pulling to one side of the road when you try to cruise straight? A wheel alignment is usually a quick fix, as this service helps you drive where your steering wheel points while helping extend your tire life. Usually, your wheels are knocked out of alignment after an impact, like smacking a curb or cruising over a rocky pothole—and when this happens during your drive, we recommend scheduling service to help keep your ride composed and smooth.

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